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Guovdageainnu Lagasradio Radio Live

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Guovdageainnu Lagasradio (GLR) is a radio station based in Oslo, Norway that serves the northern regions of the country, including Finnmark and Troms. GLR broadcasts in the Sami language, which is an indigenous language spoken in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. The station is committed to promoting and preserving Sami culture and traditions through their programming.

GLR's schedule includes a range of shows, including news, current affairs, music, and cultural programs. Some of their popular shows are "Sámi nissonolbmot", which focuses on Sami women's stories and experiences, and "Báiki - radioblogg", which covers local news and events in the Sami language. The station also plays a variety of Sami music genres, showcasing both established and up-and-coming Sami artists.

GLR's website, https://glr.no/, provides listeners with a comprehensive list of their programming schedule, as well as news updates, videos, and other resources related to Sami culture and language.
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